Cemetery Association

“Hickory Grove Cemetery is situated in Jefferson Township, Carroll County, Indiana, being a part of the SE 1/2 of the NE 1/2 of sec. 20
Township 26 North Range 2 West, the exterior boundary thereof being described as follows towit:-

Commencing at a point two and twelve hundredths (2.12) chains South of the NE corner of the SE 1/4of the NE 1/4 of said sec. 20, and running thence West 4.13 chains to the center of the Creed, thence down stream in the center of the Creek to a point which is 5.30 chains North and 7.49 chains West of the SE corner of the NE 1/4 for said section; thence E 7.49 chains to the section line; thence North 10.96 chains to the place of beginning, containing 6.37 acres, more or less. The lots plotted in said cemetery are 8 x 24 feet and are numbered from 1 to 243 both inclusive, the driveways are 8 feet and the walks 3 feet in width.

The North part of said Cemetery which is unplatted is known as “The Old Part” and is used for burial of the dead.”

Hickory Grove Cemetery Association was organized in 1909 by
William Crook
Thomas Galloway
Daniel Coble

In 2006, I began walking the rows of the cemetery following the plat book and writing down the names of each person buried in the Hickory Grove Cemetery from the names on the stones. To the best of my knowledge, the .pdf files below are true and correct. If you have any questions, send me an e-mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Amy White-Spitzer

The Old Part            Cemetery Lots 1-44             Cemetery Lots 45-99D
Cemetery Lots 100-171 & Lots 260-275           Cemetery Lots 172-259