Click here for a brief church history
Click here for a brief church history
Church History
The original name of our church was Union Christian
Church on the Rattlesnake, an organization that came
into being in 1868. The cemetery just south of the
present church building was 50 years old when the
church was erected in 1875.

A 1913 acetylene light plant explosion set the church on
fire and in 1915 the church remodeled - a basement was
placed under most of the building and a large Sunday
school room was added.
The Union Christian Church on the Rattlesnake evolved
into a New Light Christian Church. In 1931, with the
merger of the Congregational Churches, we became
Hickory Grove Congregational Christian Church.

The parsonage was built in 1947 and the first full-time
pastor was called. In 1951 Wilber Crowell willed the
church an 80 acre farm. In 1957 the church added a
modern kitchen, additional classrooms, and restrooms.
Stained-glass windows and carpet were added in 1960.
The Congregational Christian Church and the Evangelical and the Reformed Church merged
in 1957 to form the United Church of Christ, thus we became Hickory Grove United Church of
Christ in 1961.The park located behind the present building includes a shelter house,
basketball court, playground, footbridges and a dam to convert the Rattlesnake Creek into a
baptismal pool. Outdoor services, family reunions and various church activities make use of
this area. We have recently purchased an indoor baptismal to accomodate those not able or
wanting to use the creek.
A handicapped ramp and parking lot were constructed in 1989 and in 1995 the church
basement was remodeled.
On October 7th, 2004 we withdrew from the United Church of Christ and became Hickory
Grove Church, non-denominational.

As the church began to grow numerically, in April 2007 Business Meeting discussion turned to
how the seating capacity could be increased. A Committee to research the need was formed in
July, and in January 2008, preliminary sketches were presented of the expansion possibilities.
Discussion of plans, prayer for direction and meetings with architects began. In On June 29,
2009 excavation began to expand the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall below to the South. On
April 18, 2010 the new addition was dedicated to the Lord.

We have recently been blessed with growth, both spiritually and in our membership. We hope
that you can experience this piece of history with us as part of our church family.
Welcome to
Hickory Grove Church
The friendly church at the side of the road!
Ken Smith, Pastor